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All about Chris

Chris Chopping is on a journey. With his regular appearances in BBC SESH online sketches and as a commentator on The Jamie Owen’s Radio Show for BBC Radio Wales, when the Cardiff Comedy Festival described Chris as able to “take audiences to the comedy check-out clocking up a comedy commission worthy of anyone you see on the telly today” it seems he might just be beginning to prove them right.

The Bedford-born comic, settled in Cardiff after university and has taken the city, and the country in to his heart. After deciding to learn welsh in 2013 it wasn’t long before he joined his skill with language with his passion for comedy, making his TV debut in 2017 on S4C’s standup showcase Gwerthu Allan, filmed lived at the Richard Burton Theatre.

After starting entering the world of standup in 2010, Chris established himself as one of the finer acts from a comedy scene boasting talent such as Noel James, The Death Hilarious and Jordan Brookes; quickly earning praise from one of the UKs biggest stand-up venues, The Glee Club “With his charming wit, this raconteur will leave you in a glow of his mirthfulness."

In 2017, Chris made his Edinburgh debut with his show Premature Emasculation an exploration of toxic masculinity and the inadequacy he’d felt amongst other men pretty much since his premature birth.

Whilst performing to sold out rooms both in Edinburgh and during a short tour on his return, the show was sadly overlooked by most of the press at the festival. Although a few online publications were full of praise.

“Fantastically written and confidently performed, Chris holds the room with masterful skill never missing a beat, even though a character change, which is done superbly.
Premature Emasculation is an absolute gem of a show and is not to be missed.”
– Bunbury Magazine

“Chopping has the ability to craft clever jokes and deliver punchlines that the comic savvy don’t even see coming.” - Shortcom

“This show is a hazmat suit for toxic masculinity” – Trente Percente

He’s now preparing for his second run at the Edinburgh Fringe, with his new show Chris Chopping’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Another pithy, witty hour of comedy full of petty insecurities, impotent rage and a certain amount of erudite smut.

Winner – Newbury New Act of the Year

Winner – Bedford New Act of the Year

Finalist in Welsh Unsigned Stand Up Award;
Finalist in Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of The Year
Finalist in Last Minute Comedy's New Act of The Year

Semi-Finalist – So You Think You’re Funny


"A really good comic...Tremendously clever in both his delivery and subject matter"

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